Stainless Steel Tool Wrap – How It’s Used

Stainless steel tool wrap is a temperature resistant metal foil that is used to protect components during heat treatment from decarburisation, scaling and pitting. Stainless steel tool wrap is a grade 321 stainless steel, commonly found in the aerospace industry for high temperature shielding applications, which has been cold rolled to a thickness of 0.05mm. Tool wrap is used in temperatures up to 1090 deg C ( 2000 deg F) to protect from oxide build up. It is used by toolmakers and component manufacturers alike and is a cost effective alternative to using a vacuum furnace.

The component which is to be heat treated is enclosed using stainless steel tool wrap into an airtight package , thus mimicking the conditions of a vacuum furnace. By ensuring that the package is airtight will prevent the drawing in of excess oxygen, eliminating the possibility of oxidizing the component. Using stainless tool wrap in this way drastically reduces decarburisation, scaling and pitting. Using tool wrap in this manner is a cost effective method of heat treating components safely and efficiently without the need for a vacuum furnace.

Tool Wrap UK, an Avocet Steel company, stock two different sizes of stainless steel tool wrap (0.05mm x 508mm x 30ft and 0.05mm x 610mm x 25ft) with the narrower width designed to reduce the amount of scrap when heat treating smaller components. Please contact us today to find out how we can help with your stainless steel tool wrap requirements.