Stainless Steel Heat Treatment Foil

Stainless steel heat treatment foil is used to protect components during heat treatment from decarburisation, scaling and pitting. Heat treatment foil is a grade 321 stainless steel which is 0.05mm thick.  Heat treatment foil is used by toolmakers and component manufacturers and is compatible with heat treatment processes up to 1090 deg C ( 2000 deg F).

Enclosing the component in an airtight package using our stainless steel heat treatment foil mimics the conditions of a vacuum furnace. Ensuring that the package is airtight will prevent the drawing in of excess oxygen. Using heat treatment foil in this way drastically reduces decarburisation, scaling and pitting. This is a great substitution for a vacuum furnace and therefore allows manufacturers to save on the cost of sending out for heat treatment.

The same consistency of hardness will be achieved whether the parcel is tightly or loosely wrapped. Stainless steel heat treatment foil is available from Tool Wrap UK, an Avocet Steel company for immediate shipment. Contact us today to make an enquiry or place an order.