Heat Treatment Foil – The Benefits

Heat treatment foil is used by tool makers and component manufacturers in order to protect components during heat treatment from decarburisation, scaling and pitting. The treatment foil is a grade 321 stainless steel, a grade found extensively in high temperature applications. The foil is cold rolled down to a thickness of 0.05mm making it very easy to handle when forming an air tight parcel. In general heat treatment foil can be used up to a temperature of 2000°F making it suitable for most heat treatment processes. Treatment foil is used in many different markets including blade and knife manufacturing so as to harden the blade without causing a detrimental effect to the aesthetic appearance.

Our heat treatment foil performs optimally for air hardening steels. The results for water and oil hardening steel may not be as consistent in achieving full and uniform hardness. High speed tool steels usually require higher temperatures than 1090degC and should be avoided as the heat treatment foil will have a tendency to fuse to the component at these higher temperatures and may result in the tearing of the parcel and decarburisation. For these high temperatures a nickel based alloy may be preferable which can withstand higher temperatures, these are available on request please get in touch if a higher temperature foil is required.

Heat treatment foil is available from Tool Wrap UK, an Avocet Steel company, for immediate shipment. Whether your requirement is for one roll or for one hundred rolls we can cater to your needs. Contact us today to make an enquiry or place an order.